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"We would like to establish a sustainable business model to contribute our community and society. "

Green Policy



Thousands of tons of plastic waste enter the world's environment every day and stay there for decades.

Thus, Prime House decides to adapt the oxo-biodegradable technology that enables plastic to be degraded and biodegraded in the open environment quickly while without leaving any poisonous residues or plastic fragments behind. 

Paperless Policy

Paper records and filing cabinets are the traditional way in which data is organised in an office and has damaged the environment much. 


Prime House has adopted the paperless policy through filing, recording and sharing information with clients electronically. 

Recycle Glassware

According to the Glass Packaging Institute(GPI), glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity.

As Prime House mainly uses glassware for businesses such as whisky lounge, so we determine to recycle any glassware which has consumed during operations to protect our environment.

Manage Food Waste

Prime house has launched the restaurant and cafe recently and we manage our food waste in an environmental-friendly way such as storing food in the right place to prevent easy spoilage; and buy groceries smartly and realistically to decrease the possibility of excessive supply.


Easter Market

Handmade items are crafted in an environment of joy, love and respect. 

To treasure this creative spirit and beautiful heart, Prime House provides a free platform for about thirty "craftsmen" to display and sell their handmade products for 5 days in April 2019.  

Talent We Can 

Through the annual "Talent We Can" event held by UAT Association, they hope that the positive energy and the self-confidence spread by the students will infect everyone and make Hong Kong be a better place. Prime House takes the initiative to join and assist the activities by sponsorship. 

Charity Art Exhibition 

The fundraising of the charity photo exhibition, which took place in Prime House, will be donated to the charity project. Aiming to raise funds for Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre and Lifewire in Tuen Mun Hospital to provide more support for cancer patients and children with rare diseases.

Prime House gives support to this event by providing the venue and helps to ensure progressing well.


Music Video Publication

(feat. HK Rehabilitation Power)

The song -《原來幸福》 has featured Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power that the singer learned the body movement from disabled people.


Prime House sponsors the MV publication to show support and care.  

Fair Trade

Prime House is buying fair trade coffee bean and sugar to help maintain the local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

With fair trade, it addresses the injustices of conventional trade which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest farmers. It allows them to enhance their life quality.

Rotary Club

Prime House is one of the members of the Rotary Club and always being active to join different charity events. 


Rotary Club provides services and assistance to communities in need, focusing on the elderly and nurturing young people to help China's disasters and backward areas. Also, we support and fund the Rotaract Club and Interact Club.  

IBDR HK International Beauty Contest & Expo

Prime House sponsors the beauty contest held by IBDR. 


IBDR committed to promoting Korean beauty and beauty expertise which lead the Korean beauty to a global scale.  

Business Lady Association

The Business Lady Association brings a group of women together who are successful and enthusiastic in their careers. In addition to being able to take care of their families and careers at the same time, they are more active in social charity work and benefit the community.

Prime House supports and sponsors their operations to demonstrate our enthusiasm to contribute to society.

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