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Prime House Whisky Lounge
(Private Booking Only)

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Merging the golden edges with symmetrically-patterned marble bar table, Prime House Whisky Lounge is dedicated to deliver a luxuriously cosy atmosphere for clients to enjoy a diverse range of whiskies and other liquor.

Apart from offering liquor and light refreshment, Prime House Whisky Lounge also organizes liquor-related activities, such as Whisky Tasting Night to amaze our guests with the charisma of 'Water of Life'.


Guests could enjoy:​

  • Whiskies (Scotland, Switzerland, Japan, U.S.A. and more)

  • Signature Whisky Cocktail

  • Liquor

  • Red Wine

  • White Wine

  • Craft Beer

  • Mocktail​​

Whisky Lounge Events
  • Whisky Tasting (in-house & on-site)

  • UK's Whisky Ambassador Programme

  • Food Pairing with Whisky Event

  • Cocktail Workshop

  • Private Cocktail Party

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